Linda Tsironis Caruthers

Virginia Field Director

Linda Tsironis Caruthers earned the Long-Term Care Professional designation from America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) in 2005 and the Certified Senior Advisor designation from the Society of Certified Senior Advisors in 2006.  She is president of Long-Term Care Consultants, Inc. located in North Chesterfield, Virginia.  Although Linda has been in the insurance industry since 1989, she has specialized in long-term care insurance since 2001.

Her insurance career began in New York City where she was with the law firm of Mendes & Mount, the attorneys representing Lloyd’s of London in the United States.  Linda moved to Richmond, Virginia in 1975 and currently lives in North Chesterfield County.  Linda has two daughters, two step daughters and nine grandchildren.

Linda’s passion for providing education and awareness about long-term care planning is a result of her past personal experience.  Her mother was physically handicapped when Linda was ten years old and required custodial, long-term care.  Linda and her two sisters cared for their mother for eighteen years until she passed away in 1976.  Linda’s uncle was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 1997 and lived in a nursing home for ten years until his death in May, 2007.

Linda conducts educational meetings with individuals, groups, employer groups, civic groups, fraternal groups and affinity groups as well as teaching long-term care classes in the Adult Education Division of Chesterfield County and the University of Richmond Osher Life Long Learning Institute.  Education about long-term care planning and how it must fit into one’s financial planning–especially post-retirement planning–is becoming a necessity as we are living longer.  Many people are now outliving their financial resources!


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