Client Testimonials

Burden“So I will not be a burden, financially or emotionally, on my children for my care. I cannot know the personal responsibilities my children could themselves be facing in the future.” Many seniors are living in the homes of their children, because they cannot afford the cost of Home Health Care, or a quality LTC facility.

PhysicalI have definitely enjoyed working for decades, but the daily requirements have really worn my body down to the point, I have developed some lasting physical challenges.” These lasting physical challenges tend to lead to needing long term care services in order to supplement the needed help with activities of daily living.

“Because I am reasonably healthy and I can qualify now.Many who are seeking LTC protection, cannot qualify for LTC coverage because of health relatedHealthy problems.

“Because at my age, Long-Term Care is less expensive now, than it will be at my next birthday.” The younger you are when you enroll, the lower theBirthday premiums are for your LTC protection for the rest of your life.

“To have the opportunity to choose Home Health Care, Assisted Living, or select the Nursing Facility of my choice, not available with OptionsMedicaid.” Once a person enters a facility, completes their asset “spend-down” and eventually goes on Medicaid, the Government will decide which facility and location that the individual can receive benefits. Of the total Nursing Home expenditures, 49.6% come from Medicaid.*  

“I cannot expect Medicare to cover my expenses in a Nursing Facility.” Medicare covers less than two percent of all Nursing Home expenditures. In fact, Medicarethe average Medicare recipient’s LTC benefit is only 17 days.*

“To protect my 401K, 403B, or other savings program I have worked for most of my life.” One third of all seniors who enter a Nursing Home, will beFunds impoverished within 13 weeks of going in.

“To preserve my estate for my family.” Most people would rather leave their estate to their family or charity, rather than spend it on the escalating costs of LegacyLong-Term Care.

“Because I know the chances of me needing to file a claim for Disability Insurance are 29% but, the chances of me needing to file a claim for ClaimsLong-Term Care benefits are over 70%.”At any time now, or, when you retire, your Long-Term Care Advocate will still be ready and available to assist you with personal questions, or other types of assistance.

“The chances of me needing Home Health Care, Assisted Living, or Nursing Home Care have tripled since 1983.” Actuarial studies show that due Tripledto increasing advancements in Medical Science, which can result in longer life spans, 70% of individuals, or, nine out of ten couples, will need Long-Term Care services at some point in their lives. For women who have reached age 65, it’s 79%.*