A Personal Action Plan

None of us knows for sure whether or not we will need long term care. What we do know is that the care is expensive, and the need can last for years.

Personal Action PlanAnd what we also know is that it’s smart for each of us to have a plan in place to help pay for long term care. To help lift the burden from the shoulders of our loved ones. A plan to provide money at the most vulnerable time in our adult lives. A plan to help us maintain the retirement that we were counting on – one with dignity and quality of life.

However, having a plan in mind – without taking any action to make it a reality – will be useless when the need for care arrives. To benefit from the knowledge you have just learned, take action now. Call the nurse advocate who gave you this information, and decide whether or not to purchase LTC insurance.

Taking action now can help ensure that you have the resources to pay for the kind of care you want. In addition, having a plan in place when the need arises will allow you to substantially life the burden of care giving off your loved ones. Contact the nurse advocate who gave you this information to learn more about long term care insurance.ST Deadline