Training and Development

The commitment you make to your business means making a commitment to learning more about insurance and long term care in particular. We’ll be there every step of the way, if you need our support.


Training can be key to an agent’s success. That’s why training and development begins early and is available throughout an agent’s career. We conduct weekly trainings, frequently host influential guests for further expertise, and host frequent energizing agency meetings. In the PNW, we are committed to provide you with new tools and continually adapting sales approaches in order to help this growing need for long term care while maintaining the core elements of a selling approach that has stood the test of time.


This road to success begins with the first step and that is new agent training. During this week of training, you will be fed from a fire hose of information of how to be a success in this business. This week will add a major portion to the foundation of which you will build your business from. You will be given suggestions on how to create a business and marketing plan, exposure to marketing strategies and sales tools. Most of all, you will be trained on how to educate clients on long term care and how to help them make a decision for themselves and their families.

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As an independent long term care insurance agent with PNW Insurance Services you’ll learn the details about a range of long term care solutions including self-insurance, government programs and most importantly long term care insurance. You’ll also learn how life insurance and annuities can add value to an individual’s long term plan. And, you’ll learn about industry leaders. With access to the other well-known carriers, you will not find yourself without a potential solution for any client.